Thursday, August 21, 2008


.... My newest employee : ) Tallon!!!!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

HoNeY MoOn

Oh where to even begin..... We went to Hawaii last week and it was AMAZING! We had such a good time. It was so beautiful there ( we stayed in Honolulu ). There are way too many pictures to put them all on here but here are a few of my favorites.This picture is of a small pond that was right outside of our hotel. At night they had light lit in the trees it was such a gorgeous place. I probably could have just sat there the whole night ( okay maybe not but at least a good 15 min ; )

I had never been in the ocean before or really played in the sand so of course we HAD to make a sand castle... I LOVE the beach! The ocean was really fun too. We did some snorkeling and saw some of the coolest fish, I cant believe how clear the water was. I didn't get any pictures but we also bought some boogie boards and did a little wave surfing. Next time we go I want to learn how to really surf.

This is a picture on way up to Diamond Head such a pretty view I wouldn't mind seeing this when I looked out my window every morning : )

We also went to the USS Arizona Memorial, and saw the USS Missouri and the Bowfin Sub.

We actually got to do onto the Missouri and all inside the masive ship. Zack was truly in heaven.

The bowfin sub ( on the top )
The Missouri (on the bottom )

This was inside the USS Arizona Memorial.
That was quite the experience I would love to go back.

Friday, August 8, 2008

July. 26 . 2008

It finally came... the day of my dreams!! I'm now offically Mrs. Johanson! and it couldn't be better! Everything went exactly how I wanted ( except maybe the rain ) Truly a dream come true!!

Thanks to all our family for loving and supporting us. And of course helping make our dream day come true!

Our photographer gave me the disk that has all of the pictures on it... tons of really good ones so if anyone would like a copy just let me know : )