Saturday, July 18, 2009

Zacks new baby

Zack just bought a new dirt bike. The one he had was really old and falling apart so we decided to get him a better one. Now he had a Honda 450 and LOVES it. Every chance he gets he is out riding!
My hottie when he first brought it home. He was so excited it was like christmas : ) Here he is #3 with some of the kids he goes riding with.

Okay so this picture does not do any justice to how high he can really jump its just the only one I had on my camera ( I'll get some more )

Looking like a stud!! :)

Sweet Baby

This post is for Aubree : ) I want to show off my ADORABLE niece Sadie! Sleeping right befor her blessing ( such a little poser already )
Showing off some gums on the 4th of july

ha ha she kept pulling this face a couple days ago!

I love this one!

Just being her sweet self

So Aubree has been giving me crap about not ever updating anymmore so I am hoping this post will make her happy : ) haha

Saturday, March 14, 2009

BaBy ShOwEr

Aubree's ( my sister ) shower was today! It was with the Wissler and Challis family with some friends too! : ) It was really fun shopping for all the cute little girl stuff.. we are all getting so so excited to finally meet baby Sadie!! Only a little bit to go and Aubree still looks as cute as ever with her darling bump : )

My grandma challis is amazing! very crafty!! Not only did she make my AmAzinG brides maid dresses but she made this dress for Sadie to get blessed in! She also made her a super cute blanky
Aunt Cheryl made this Diaper Cake for her too! I LOVE IT! so cute : )

Some of the other darling things

Sunday, March 1, 2009

New Sticker Kit

Jeff and I finally put my new sticker kit on my bike.
I am pretty excited. It looks alot better. -Zack

Monday, February 16, 2009


Valentines this year was great for us! I feel so fortunate to have Zack in my life! He always makes me feel special and important to him. I couldn't have found a better fit for me than him. I love him so much!
On valentines I had to work so he came with flowers and some village baker ( my favorite sandwiches) after work we went to dinner at Wingers ( another favorite of mine ) then went home and just spent the night with eachother!

Thursday, February 5, 2009


January and February are FULL of birthdays for my family!! It started out with Zacks 23 rd then Braedons 8 th, Tylers 20 th and last but not least Joshs 25 th!!! Here are the boys blowing out there birthday cake!! we had a super bowl/birthday party last sunday !!!Me and Zack

Josh and Aubree


And Braedon!!!
It was so much fun celebrating with everyone! I LOVE being with my family!! We always have so much fun together!!! Happy Birthday BOYS : )

Sunday, January 11, 2009

NeW BaBy

We have a new addition to our family... Mason! Uncle Sean and his girlfriend Amy welcomed our new cousin just recently!! I know this isn't the best picture but it was the best we could get from out side the nursery!! What a cute little guy!