Thursday, May 29, 2008


Ok so I had to steal this picture from Mindy...

My Amazing Fiance showing off one of his MaNy talents!

Up - Grade

Our poor turtles had been cramped up in an old tank for too long, so we decided it was time to get a new one for them!.... and they LOVE it!Heres a pic of the whole thing.
And heres my little guy... Kane!

here's our demon seed LiLy..

They are fun to have around! Especially when they are trying to catch their fish... I'll have to get a picture next time.

Monday, May 19, 2008

* MaRshMellOWs *

Roasting Marshmellows!!!
Now that we have had some good weather.. FiNNaLLy! we decided to break out the ol' fire pit in the back to have some smores!!
SOme how it turned out roasting everything the boys could think of... including hot dogs

Ty just enjoying his weener : )

Here's the whole fam.. too bad this is the closest we all have been to camping together, it was a blast!!

and of course I have to include my Rocker Bro's

It looked too pretty out there not to get a pic. it was such a fun night!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

wHiTe TeeTh!!!!

*Over here at ExPrSSioNs TaNnInG we just got a new TEETH WHITENING CHAIR!!! Its AmaZing! I just did it today... You do 3 fifteen min sessions and then come back and do 2 more. It made my teeth way whiter and not sensitive at all!!! I LOVE THIS! and it's pretty cheap!

AHHHH! What's that face???


Monday, May 5, 2008

BiRthDaY WeEkEnd

This weekend was My Step-dad Jeff (42 )and Zacks brother Jesse's (25 ) birthday!
It was way fun celebrating with them. We love them both so much!

Jesse is such a great brother. He always makes everyone feel comfortable and has an amazing heart. He never get's caught up in any drama, his key purpose is to live life to the fullest and I admire that so much about him. You couldn't meet a nicer person. He has a way with people that not many people in this world have. It was so fun seeing everyone at his birthday . Happy Birthday BEEZ. We love you.

Sorry Jesse but this is the only pic we got from your birthday party! but hey at least you can say you had some hotties there ;)

He's 42 !!!! : )

Jeff is the best dad you could ever ask for! He is always there to lend a helping hand and is definetly a man of many trades! He is 42 but that has never slowed him down. He still enjoys playing football with the boys and showing braed his great skills in soccer! He always makes time for the kids.
He is also very caring and compassionate. He has definetly stepped up to be the great dad he didn't have to be! we all love him so much! not only is he a role model to his kids but to all who are around him. Happy birthday Jeff. We love you
The family at Texas Road House.. It was a blast! Saddle up... what a good sport!

Ty and Josh... Enthusiastic!

Braed being good ol' braed!! gotta love him!

Mike, Ashley, Aubree, and Josh

Skiddleeey Dooo !!! don't judge me ; )

Tallon AKA Elvis and his GF Kassie

Aubree and Josh at the birthday BBQ!
What a cute couple!

And of course me and Zack took the opportunity to show off our pearly whites !

You gotta love family. They are the most important thing to cherish in life! Good thing both of ours are AwEsOmE!!!!